PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi, an Indonesian tea company, producing any kind of tea, such as green tea, black tea, and oolong tea as our speciality tea and jasmine roasted pekoe, roasted pekoe, etc as our premium tea with a customization taste, and shape based on market demands. In results, PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi could fulfill not only domestic tea needs, but also international tea needs.

With an experienced owner, and In order to maintain an efficient work, product control and coordination within a company, PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi adapts the centralized business model as their role business model.


The product of PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi are green tea, black tea, oolong tea as our speciality tea, and other variety of local tea.

Customers could contact us via e-mail, by phone, or come directly to our office for further information abour our product. And we could send you a sample for testing.

We always treat our customers with smile and regard our customers as partner, we always care for what our customers want, say, and need. And customers could contact us at anytime for further information or any question related to our products.


At the moment we have obtained an organic chlorine free analysis report from PT. SUCOFINDO and we are still working on obtaining international certificate which would be added later.