About Us


PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi is a private company engaged in agro-industry, with a concentration in tea business. PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi is renewed in 2009 as a result in business development, after previously using the name of CV. Air Mas which was very experienced in supplying tea needs for domestic firms started from 1972.

With the time passed, along with increasing experience and knowledge in tea areas, and to compete in global market, PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi began producing pesticide free tea, which means in the nursery (seeding) and planting does not use pesticides (pest control), which could be harmful to the human body. And we are planting our tea farm with the best tea seed from Taiwan.

With extensive and keep growing tea farm, planting with the best special tea seeds, we provide Indonesia best tea, which would be professionally produced to meet our customer needs and satisfaction.

The reasons for choosing PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi as your tea supplier?

  • We would provide any kind of tea on demand, including taste and form.
  • We treat our customer as a partner.
  • We always offer the best price on market.
  • We would serve you with satisfying services.
  • We are ready for observation.
  • Quality control is our priority.

Our Vision
To be a leader in supplying national tea needs and ready to compete in the global market based on the best work ethic to produce high quality tea.

Our Mission

  • Being the number one tea supplier in Indonesia.
  • Making Indonesian tea products able to compete in global market.
  • Satisfying customers
  • Providing the highest quality teas, from the best seed varieties, with a professionally managed plantations.

Business Goal
We want to be the number one tea supply company in Indonesia, and export our best tea leaves overseas to compete in global market, and always produce a good quality tea for our customers.

Business Strategy
The general strategy implemented by PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi is organic growth, which is focus on selling to more customers in existing markets, finding new markets, launching new products and keeping maintenance existing culture and management styles.

Economic Talent
PT. Sumatera Toba Wangi is a profit making company that strive to improve employees (including tea farmers) welfare.